The G Family - San Mateo Family Session

When I get to spend my evening photographing fun families like this one, it's hardly fair for me to even consider calling my job a job.  And before I get into too much, I just have to call out those big, beautiful brown eyes that this sweet little one has.  I mean, really.  That paired with his darling bow tie was almost too much too handle.  Then throw in his perfect grin and I'm just over the edge.

This little one was celebrating the big o-n-e year and his Mom wanted to document the milestone.  Being sentimental with this time in their lives, they asked to have the location be at their apartment complex, and it was just perfect.  This is where they have spent countless hours of this little man's life together, and she wanted that photographed so they could remember their evening walks, strolls to the duck pond, and laps around the complex to wear him out.  When clients have reason behind their location, I can't say no, and I am so glad we went with this one.  

This sweet husband and wife both attended grad school with my husband, and while they spent many more hours with him than with me over that two-year period, it was so fun to reconnect up here in the bay area.  

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