Menasco Family

I can never accurately answer the question "which type of photo session is your favorite?" because the dynamics are so different in each type, and I love them all for different reasons! I will always love a traditional family session. We all need our family pictures taken, and I love being able to freeze time for a bit with family pictures. Children grow up so quickly (I know...everyone says this, and with 3 kids of my own, I am actually starting to believe it. Time so fast!) and it's great to be able to assist in documenting each phase of a family's life.

This family was extra special to photograph. I have done a few sessions over the years with them, and get to hang out with them on a regular basis. I met Amber through my husband, as they were friends in college, and we became fast friends. Our kids get along great and overall it is just the best! Amber suggested Vasona park for this years' images, and we found some fun new locations there.

Tyler and Lauren: A San Jose Wedding

Getting to know new, wonderful people has got to be at the top of my list of favorite things about being a photographer, and even mores with wedding photography because we spend so much time together.  I am always blown away as I hear the {fun, crazy, miraculous, wacky} stories of how two people met, dated, fell in love and decided on forever, and Saturday's wedding was no different.  

Tyler and Lauren are both fabulous, loving, fun, christ-like individuals, and when put together, they just compliment and magnify each others good qualities.  Their story began long ago, but the final stages happen at West Valley College where they both took the same college class, a semester apart, from "a famous professor" who just happened to be Tyler's dad.  Tyler took the class and moved on, and Lauren followed later.  As she kept hearing stories of Tyler through his Dad's teaching, she finally Facebook stalked him and they eventually met.  Miles had been between them and prayer brought them together.  Trust and love kept them together.  They both have darling, dear families and spending the day amongst them was truly uplifting.  

Congratulations Tyler and Lauren.  I wish you the best and know you will have it. Thanks again for allowing me to be part of your day. 

  { Thank you to Elina Rose Photography for having me along to assist at this wedding.  All images posted below are my own. }

 Ceremony Shots:

Baby Eleanor

As a mother to three myself, I know how sacred the first few hours with a new baby are, and also how hard it can be to seal those precious moments away to memory. Looking back, those times always become so hazy.  I was so excited when the Prescott family contacted me to photograph their sweet new baby when she was just hours old.  I could feel the love for this sweet little girl when I entered, and when I saw her usually rambunctious older brother interact so tenderly with her, I just knew that these two were meant to be.  He could not have been any cuter.

Jordan and I are good friends and were lucky enough to share are pregnancy weeks together.  She was only ten weeks behind me. We commiserated through the pains and shared in the joy throughout the pregnancy.  I found out I was having a boy, and when Jordan announced she was, yet again, going to wait on finding out the gender until the baby was born, I died.  I wanted to know so bad!  And moreover, as one who has found out the gender pre-birth for all three kids, could not imagine the patience it would take to not find out.  But, they held true, and I'm sure seeing their baby and finding out she was a girl was just even that much more surreal.  Jordan, as I would have expected, was already prepared with the cutest girl accessories, and we can all expect this darling angel to be dressed to the nines.  I can't wait to watch Jordan be a mother to this little girl and share excitement with her as our babies grow up together. 

Thank you Prescott Family for inviting me into such a sacred time to document a beautiful experience.  Miss Eleanor is just a doll.