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Fresh 48 Hospital Newborns-Santa Clara

Fresh 48 sessions are something I could do every day.  Nothing is more sweet than being invited into a circle where a new baby resides.  These sessions typically take place 12-48 hours after a baby has been born, in the place of delivery.

This session was especially special.  These are my dearest friends and they just welcomed their first baby boy.  As a mom of two boys myself (and one girl) I was thrilled for them to have a boy to add to their two girls.  I was at the hospital 10 hours after he was born--a record for me!  Baby Everett is the most precious little thing and I could have stayed allll day.  They finally had to kick me out. ;)

Rancho San Antonio Family Session

I met the Linford family at a wedding this past fall.  Rachael was the sister of the groom and mother of Lily, the sweetest, cutest little baby girl.  I was thrilled when she came up to me to ask about taking photos before Christmas.  I knew a mini session would be just perfect for them.

The highlight was them bringing their most adorable puppy.  Teeeeechnically, dogs aren't allowed at Rancho San Antonio, so we snuck her in for the last portion of the session.  We had a few moments where we were a little nervous, but look at those images! So worth it! Cutest little family.

Lai Family Mini Session, Guadalupe Oak Grove San Jose

Mini Sessions were so fun this past holiday season. I had so much fun meeting up with Denise and Patrick! Denise and my husband attended Grad school together in Los Angeles and more time had passed than we had wanted since our last meet-up. The down side to minis is time flies by--we get plenty of images, but I'm not able to chit-chat as much before or after! I guess we need to schedule another visit soon! This time I'm crossing my fingers I get to see Porterhouse, their adorable, not-so-tiny, dog.

Montara Beach-Avery's Baptism Session

When Avery's mom contacted me about this session I was so excited. Avery was turning 8 and would be getting baptized and her Mom wanted a shoot just for Avery that she could have to remember such a special occasion. Since the beach is such a special place, of course we chose to do it there. We had a few hiccups with rain, but the weather the day of the shoot was worth the wait. Perfectly partly cloudy, with bits of sun rays shining through. Avery was perfect. She was just the right t mix of sassy, sweet, fun and kind. She took a minute to warm up, but once she did, she was working the camera and coming up with pose ideas of her own. I hope Avery had as much fun on our shoot as I did.

We started up on top of the cliffs overlooking the ocean, then trekked down the muddy path to play in the salt and sand.