A little fun in Ensenada. Fashion Photographer.

While on our girls trip getaway cruise, Tara and I journeyed into Ensenada and did what many Ensenada tourists do.  We hopped into a van and drove to La Bufadora, better known as The Blowhole.  We hung out for a bit, checked out the trinkets in the shops, bought a few as souvenirs then set out for a quick photoshoot.  Touring, shopping, photographing.  Yes, pretty great day.  Throw in the street tacos that we ate over-looking the ocean and it was quite superb.  

We found this fun modern new construction, and the blue hue of the window seemed to be the perfect backdrop for this fun, flowy floral little number. We then found this awesome bright yellow architectural feature, and knew it was the perfect color that was just felt more "mexico," so we snuck a few shots there as well. I loved all the color and the gorgeous model I got to photograph. Enjoy, and share some love it you like what you see. 

Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer with Blogger Brunette Ambitions

This has got to be one of the most carefree and fun shoots I've done.  After road tripping down to Long Beach with Tara, blogger extrodinaire of fashion and lifestyle blog brunette-ambitions.com, we boarded a cruise ship to Ensenada.  Right before getting off in Mexico, we had a mini shoot, complete with the most gorgeous cloud cover.  

Did you know that a light cloud layer midday is a photographer's dream?  I was able to shoot at 11:00 in the morning without having to worry a bit about harsh lighting. And to beat the crowds on an otherwise crowded cruise liner, we just made sure to shoot after everyone rushed the gangway to get into Mexico, leaving the top deck all for our taking.  With rough waters the day before, it's no doubt everyone rushed off.  

So, when we pair perfect light, with a great environment and a gorgeous model who is eager to be photographed, it's easy for me to get perfectly gorgeous images. I basically just have to push the button, right?  Ha, if only that's all it took.

Eleanor: Lifestyle Newborns and Family

I dug up some old photos and had fun playing around with them again.  I shot these back in 2013 when I was temporarily living in the bay area.  

This amazing family welcomed me into their home just after bringing home sweet Eleanor, and I couldn't have been luckier to spend a bit of time with their new family of four. Seeing families interact with a new addition is a favorite of mine, especially when there's a sibling involved. Feeling, seeing, and capturing the new love is the best. And, beyond that, newborns have this way of forcing us all to slow down and think about the important things of life, don't you think? And, heaven knows we can all use a little reminder to slooooow down.

Little Eleanor is no longer a little baby, and also no longer the newest addition.  And, thankfully, my relationship with this lovely family didn't end with this photoshoot. We have become fast friends, getting together with our kids at least weekly now. Time sure flies, and its great to have images like this to look back on when those memories start to fade away.  

Hathaway Family at Chrissy Field, San Francisco

When Stefanie moved to the Bay Area from NYC, family pictures on Crissy Field were at the top of her bucket list, so of course we made them happen.  It's amazing what can happen with a little bit of determination and a little bit of silliness, despite wind, cold and a short window of time. It was an honor to photograph this caring, adventurous, beautiful and fun family.