Emily and Vince : A Monterey Wedding

The hashtag #destinedsincefreshman could not be more perfect.  Vince and Emily met when they were 14-years old, through a mutual friend. Emily was invited to Vince's friend's home, unknowing that her crush would be there. The two knew each other through friends, but surprisingly had never met. 

When they finally met that afternoon, they got along so well, so well in fact that Vince pushed Emily into the pool.  She dried off, only to watch a movie right next to Vince, during which Vince mustered up just enough courage to grab her hand. Ever since, the two have been quite inseparable.  As they have grown and matured, their love had done likewise. 

A long awaited ten-years later, on a beautiful day in the hills of Monterey, these high school sweethearts finally tied the knot amongst family and friends.  It was a beautiful day overflowing with love, laughter and celebration, for it truly was a day long-awaited by all. 

I am grateful for Natalie Mcmullen Photography, who invited me to second shoot with her.  All images posted below are mine. 

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