The Session

Hopefully the below notes will help you know what to expect of your session and how to best prepare.

I am a natural light photographer, so I will most likely take your photos outdoors in the San Jose area. Sessions typically take place just before sunset, when lighting is best, and last 1-2 hours. I have a few fun locations in mind, but if there is a location that has special meaning to you or you feel would look great, let's discuss.  This is your shoot, and most importantly I want something you like.

For newborn shoots, I can take them in your home or at my home studio.

What to wear:
This is probably the thing people dread most about booking a photo session...they have to come up with what to wear. Here are a few helpful hints:

Most importantly, wear something you feel comfortable in.  For family or group shots, coordinating outfits are great. The keyword is "coordinating," not matching.  Gone are the days when everyone must wear a black top with denim.  While that look is okay, I tend to suggest picking more of a color theme and mixing in different patterns, prints and textures.  Layers and accessories really add a great touch as well. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact me and run a few thoughts by me.

Notes on Newborns:

The best time to take newborn photos are within the first 2 weeks following birth.  At this age they are still in their sleepy state and are still "moldable."  Of course we never know when baby will make his/her arrival, so contact me during your pregnancy with your due date.  We will make a tentative plan and then schedule something immediately following the birth.

This session will last anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on how baby responds.  These little ones are so new to earth, that we just have to be patient with them and let them lead how the session unfolds. Of course I have experience working with newborns, and have a few tricks and tips on how to help them cooperate, but ultimately they are the leader here, as they should be.

For the most smooth session (and let's be honest, sometimes these sessions are anything but smooth.  If baby isn't into the camera, sometimes we just have to call it a day and try again later. It happens.) follow the things below:

  • Bring baby when he/she is sleepy and full.  It is best to feed baby just before arrival. Since this shoot may take up to 3 hours, your baby may become hungry mid-shoot.  Bringing a bottle to feed baby if this occurs is a great option.
  • Have baby in a clean diaper and single layer that is easy to remove as we will take most photos in just a diaper or with nothing on, your preference.  
  • If there are specific props or accessories that you want to use, please bring those with you.  
If family members will be in photos with baby, soft neutral, solid colors such as white, cream or beige work best.  If you have any questions, be ask!