Kayleigh and Yile: San Jose Engagements

This is a love story unlike any other. Kayleigh met Yile while she was living in Africa on a secretive trip working at orphanages. Yile, too, was away from home, serving a mission Kenya. They met during downtime exploring a waterfall in a large group and sparks started to fly. Ironically, or not so ironically, they ended up volunteering at the same orphanage and saw each other weekly. Kayleigh returned home, and Yile eventually returned home to his home country of Ethiopia. They emailed, wrote and skyped constantly, ignoring the fact that her day was his night and his night her day. The distance of the world could not keep them apart. She returned to visit and they soon decided on forever. Photographing this love was quite spectacular. And, I know this story is just the beginning of a lifelong novel filled with stories to be cherished. Thanks Kayleigh and Yile for including me! It truly was an honor.

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